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Sweet Justice Free Adult Coloring Book Page Love WinsAs an adult, you never think about being bullied. At least, I never did.

But then one day I realized I had been living a bully’s nightmare.

For months I’d been trying to make sense of the overwhelming feeling of doom that came up every time I heard this person’s name. The anxiety and frustration, and feeling that someone else was stealing and twisting my existence for their own sadistic pleasure.

“She’s just a bully.”

The words hit me hard and stung like a day old sunburn.

I flinched. A what?!?

But my therapist was right. She was a bully.

For years this person has spread rumors, caused conflict, and cast doubt on my character. I’ve been frustrated, hurt, angered, and saddened by it. I’ve tried to fight back, stand down, befriend her, show love.

Nothing ever worked. But it never occurred to me to label her as a bully until someone else called out her behavior as inappropriate harassment.

All of a sudden it was clear how often and how badly adults are bullied, sometimes without even knowing it. Bullies continue to exist because they hide in the shadows, manipulating, guilting, and shaming others privately into following along publicly until we almost believe their nasty treatment is warranted.

Naming my attacker for what she is changed everything. It helped me realize that keeping quiet about bad treatment allows it to continue. And while we can’t eliminate every bully all at once, we can take them out one at a time.

Help End Harassment One Adult Bully At a Time

That’s why, for the next month, for every adult coloring book I sell on Amazon, I will donate $2.00 to the Human Rights Campaign. Please help me show support for a group of people who have lived with more than their fair share of bullies.

From the HRC Mission Statement, “The Human Rights Campaign envisions a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are ensured equality and embraced as full members of society at home, at work and in every community.”

Love Wins Sweet Justice Adult Coloring BookBetween now and Valentine’s Day, $2.00 will be donated to the HRC for every adult coloring book I sell on Amazon. That means if 250 people buy a Sweet Justice Adult Coloring Book, I will donate $500.00 to the Human Rights Campaign.

Help me reach this goal! Click this link to order your coloring book today.

You can get started on this free “Love Wins” coloring page until your book arrives. When it’s finished, upload it to Instagram and tag @lansinghoops. I’d love to see your artwork!


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(You can order directly on Amazon, but if you link from this page, I make a little bit more money on my books. Which means, I can help more people and you pay the same price. Thanks for your support!)

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