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Flow Artist

Hi! I’m Missy,

I believe art, play, and passion are essential to living your best life. I like hula hooping, teaching, and dreaming up new ways to do things. You can see some of my projects below.

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Missy Cooke is a teaching artist, fire dancer, and all-around creative from Mid-Michigan. She has been practicing movement arts in various forms since 1996.

Her latest project, The Fuel Funnel, was awarded a Chris Clark Fellowship by the Lansing Arts Council. This specially designed tool reduces the fuel and plastic waste that fire spinners create during fueling. Missy designed and managed the engineering of this tool, bringing it to from concept to market in less than 15 months.

Missy founded Lansing Hoops in 2014, traveling across Michigan and the Midwest hosting hoop dance inspired school assemblies and team-building events to promote health and wellness through fun and play. She has hosted the Mid-Michigan weekly flow jam, a meet-up of Lansing area flow artists since 2015.

In August of that same year, Missy founded the Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat, an annual 3-day event that welcomes hoop dancers from all over Michigan to share in skills workshops and group activities and to build connections with other flow artists from across the state (and beyond!).

In 2017, Missy co-founded The Smitten Spinners, a performance troupe offering fire, LED, and choreographed corporate and community entertainment across Michigan.

When Missy isn’t hula hooping or eating fire, she likes to spend time in nature, swimming and camping with her family.

The Fuel Funnel
Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat

Current Projects

Lansing Hoops

Lansing Hoops offers hoop dance inspired school assemblies, team-building events, and party entertainment in Mid-Michigan and beyond.

Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat

MHDR connects hoopers from all over Michigan and in the Midwest for a full weekend of hoops, flow, and fun. Throughout the weekend you’ll meet hoopers from all over the state (and beyond!), learn dozens of new tricks, and see things you’ve never seen before. Each year, attendees are stunned by the little surprises, bits of play, and the wonder that is found at MHDR.

The Fuel Funnel

The Fuel Funnel protects fire performers and the environment by reducing plastic waste and reclaiming fuel lost during spin-off.

Other Projects

Smitten Spinners

The Smitten Spinners

Missy Eating Fire

Fire Eater & Performer

The Artist's Gym

The Artist’s Gym

Learn to Hoop at Home

Learn to Hoop at Home

Old Nation Mural

Old Nation Brewing Company Mural

Six Thirty-One

The Coloring Book for Adults

The Coloring Book for Adults

The Coloring Book for Adults 2

The Coloring Book for Adults 2

coloring book for adults 3

The Coloring Book for Adults 3

Missy Hoop Sunset

Skills & Experiences

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Media & Publications

Lansing State Journal Storytellers

Missy Fall Hoop

Hoop Dance Tutorials

Teaching Tips for Movemnt Instructors

Sometimes I Write Stuff

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